Why Uhuru succumbed to Tangatanga threats to call for a Jubilee meeting

Why Uhuru succumbed to Tangatanga's threat to call for a Jubilee meeting

Tangatanga onslaught to have President Uhuru finally convene a Jubilee MPs meeting has finally paid off.

The disgruntled MPs were getting tired and weary waiting for Uhuru to convene a parliamentary group meeting and had threatened to convene one.

Yesterday, Jubilee Secretary General Rapahael Tuju announced that the party will be having a meeting comprising of all Jubilee elected MPs and senators on Friday, 14th next week.

In a statement on Friday, Tuju was however quick to point out that the meeting will not be a parliamentary group meeting but a consultative one.

“The consultative meeting will not be technically a Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting, because it will not be chaired by the Party Leader, but it will be an occasion to have a discourse with members and to give an update on various issues of interest and concern in the party.” Said the embattled secretary general in a statement.

But what could have made President Uhuru Kenyatta succumbed to Jubilee threats for a Parliamentary Group meeting.

Daily Star has since learnt that the recent Jubilee MPs meeting in Naivasha which was attended by over 200 members of parliament is reported to have shocked the President and sent shivers down the spine of state house operatives.

With looming Jubilee party elections in March, the President is said to have tone down on his abrasive style towards Jubilee MPs as he seeks to avoid an embarrassing situation where all Jubilee seats will be swept by Ruto allies’

According to a credible source, Uhuru is in consulation with his deputy William Ruto for a consensus in electing new party officials as opposed to elections. President Kenyatta according to the source is of the opinion that the pary elections will be divisive and may mark the split of the once gigantic party.

The meeting likely to be chaired by Ruto will also discussed among others the approval of Uhuru’s CS nominees and the BBI report.



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