Why Uhuru went back to Kabarak a day after Moi’s burial

Why Uhuru went back to Kabarak

President Uhuru Kenyatta secretly flew back to Kabarak on Thursday just a day after the burial of former President Daniel Moi where he spent the better part of the afternoon with the family of his political father and mentor.

Uhuru who has described the death of the departed retired President as a personal loss, arrived at Kabarak at around midday and was received by Senator Gideon Moi and his brother Raymond Moi.

The details of the meeting had remained shanty with Kanu secretary general Nick Salat referring to the meeting as just another opportunity for the Head of State to condole with the family.

“The family is still coming to terms with the death of their father and it’s good the President is back here to give them a shoulder to lean on”, said Salat

However, Daily Star has exclusively obtained reports that there a fight broke out between Philip and his brothers Raymond and Gideon after the burial that prompted President Uhuru to fly back the following day and meet the whole family.

The fight is said to have broke out immediately after the mourners had left.

Drama ensued when Philip inquired from his brothers how they ended up including the handing over of the ‘rungu’ which was not part of the agenda as it had not been discussed by the whole family.

In that instance, Gideon and Raymond confronted Philip saying the decision was final prompting the former military officer to retaliate with fist and flying kicks

In the melee, Gideon was hurt in the jaw.

Philip is also reported to have been incensed by Gideon’s move to concealed their father’s will which he drafted before he died. The will was supposed to be announced on the day of the burial to forestall any infighting.

The story which would have been a minced meat in mainstream media was quickly killed and buried under the rubble.

The Thursday meeting was high in stakes that Uhuru left Kabarak at around 8 pm at night when tempers between the sons of Moi had cooled down, promising to return again in a fortnight to mediate on the disagreements.



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