William Ruto evicted out of official Mombasa residence by PS

William Ruto evicted out of Mombasa residence
interior PS evicts Ruto out of Mombasa residence

The tribulations facing DP William Ruto allegedly orchestrated by Interior PS and other powerful State House operatives are far from over and appear to be mounting as days goes. The latest comes amid revelations that Ruto was forcefully evicted from his Mombasa official residence allegedly from orders from Interior PS Karanja Kibicho.

The relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto appears to be on its lowest ebb with political analysts saying the strained relationship has reached its elastic limit in the face of looming BBi referendum and could break anytime this year. The two while claiming to be together have been reading from different scripts especially on matters BBI. The silence of Kenyatta in the face of Ruto’s humiliations by junior State House officials have not made things any easier.

According to credible sources aware with the events of Ruto’s forceful eviction from his Mombasa official residence, the DP had arrived in Mombasa at around midday on Wednesday and went about his business as usual. In the evening upon return, he found his staff packing his belongings and upon asking, was told that Interior PS Karanja Kibicho had ordered his eviction.

The newly refurbished house was formerly the official residence of Coast Provincial Commissioner and was handed to the DP in a bid to cut accommodation costs whenever DP is at the coast.

A surprised Ruto was taken aback by the sudden turn of events and was forced to spend the night at English Point Marina hotel.

William Ruto has been on a charm offensive at the coast to woo political support ahead of March Jubilee party elections. The residence is seen as essential for DP in organizing and coordinating his political activities at the coast. It might be as a result of this that prompted the his eviction from this residence.



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