Zambian pastor gives annointed underwears to women worshipers

Zambia pastor annointed underware
Zambia pastor annointed underware

A Zambian Pastor in the the remote village of Liowe East of Luzaka has hit the news after he introduced anointed underwears in his church. The underwears have his face image printed on them.

According to the said pastor, the underwears has annointed oil which he claims to help women from women related diseases such as barrenness and not being able to find a husband. Testimonies from worshipers of the church confirmed having husbands days after wearing the annointed underwears.

Over the past few weeks the church has received thousands of visitors from as far as Zimbabwe and Mozambigue coming to wear the annointed pants. A lady who worships at the church said men can’t stop looking and whistling at her in the streets because of the annointed underwears. “A lot of many are looking at me and others asking me for marriage”.



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